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English in Action

English plus Conservation Volunteer Work Experience

Impact English College and Conservation Volunteers Australia are pleased to offer Impact students a wonderful opportunity to take part in a variety of Conservation Work Experience programs.

Students who study at Impact English College for 10 weeks or more, can take part in a 1 week conservation work experience program. Students need to book ahead and will be assigned a 1 week work experience placement during their 10 week study program. In other words, students on this program need to allow for 1 extra week to complete their total program.

The time of your conservation work experience week will depend on the availability and dates of CVA projects. In most cases, students will not be able to choose a particular project, but will be enrolled in the one that fits best with their course.

General English, IELTS/EAP, Business English students can take part in these projects during their course.

Students enrolled in Barista/Café English of FCE cannot take part during their English course, but may do so after their course has finished, depending on projects and dates offered by CVA. Students on any visa can elect to take this opportunity.

Here are three examples of possible programs:
5 weeks English + 1 week conservation work experience + 5 weeks English = Total 11 weeks
7 weeks English + 1 week conservation work experience + 7 weeks English = Total 15 weeks
12 weeks English + 1 week conservation work experience = Total 13 weeks

Take a look at the programs on offer:
Grampians Nature Tour
Penguin Protection Nature Tour