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Impact English College offers a wide range of courses depending on your level and goals. Please click onimage to view brochure or course flyers.

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Impact English College Course Brochure  

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Barista/Café English

  • English skills specifically for the café and hospitality industry.
  • Communication skills to help you when dealing with customers.
  • Language skills to be able to fully comprehend your Barista Training Course at the advanced level.
  • Fully professional skills in all areas of coffee making, including, kinds of coffee, milk texturing and coffee/latte art.
  • Gain the necessary level of understanding of Workplace Hygiene.
  • Work experience in the William Angliss Bakery and Impact’s Café Impresso.
  • Classes to assist with job hunting, resume and letter writing, interview techniques.

Cambridge FCE and CAE

  • FCE and CAE isan University of Cambridge English exam for students who can use everyday written and spoken English at a more advanced level.
  • If you want a course that will help you improve every area of your English and you enjoy a really challenging course, Impact’s FCE and CAE courses are the right ones for you!
  • These classes are focused on increasing understanding and usage of grammar and vocabulary, formal and informal language, communication skills and reading and writing skills.
  • A smaller closed class which gives students a real bond and great support from teachers.
  • Exam techniques: Students learn not only practical Englishbut how to approach the different papers in the exam.
  • Teachers have over 20 years experience in this course and will push students to work hard and really use their English in order to improve.

IELTS/Further Studies Preparation

  • Impact English College has designed a course which is ideal for students preparing Further Studies in Australia and for those students preparing for the IELTS examination.
  • Our course covers a broad range of tasks that will assist students in gaining the best of preparation for two aspects of their future studies in particular.
  • Firstly, it provides students with the skills to cope with the demands of Higher Education from Certificate to Post Graduate level studies, and students will be required to complete University-style research assignments. Skills covered will include note taking, summarising, essay writing, group work and presentations, and an introduction to the academic demands on students in higher education courses.
  • Secondly, it covers all aspects of the IELTS examination and assists students in gaining their best possible score. Students are introduced to a wide range of IELTS test-taking techniques, and the language they have learnt in the Further Studies portion of this course will aid them to improve their scores even more. The skills learnt here are also of great benefit and relevance to students going on to higher education. This gives students the power to respond under the pressure of time-constraints, and to think and respond quickly and accurately in English.


Business English

  • Business English will improve your confidence with English in the business world. You will have the skills to analyse or write in a variety of different styles, while learning about the various facets of a company and improving your vocabulary at the same time.
  • In addition to this you’ll gain greater ability in your interpersonal communication with other people, in particular regarding business dealings.